Jordan and Katelyn were not sure they were actually going to be able to go through with the wedding when Jordan had to be admitted to the hospital the Wednesday prior to the wedding.

After having some discomfort for a couple of days, Jordan found out that his appendix had burst.

Afraid they would miss their own wedding, Katelyn and Jordan convinced the doctors that he was able to attend the wedding and say “I do” to his lovely bride!

The doctors agreed and let Jordan out for a few hours, under the terms that he return to the hospital after the wedding. Although the newlyweds spent their first night as a married couple at the hospital, they were happy they could say they were finally married!

The day started off with Katelyn and her girls getting ready with hair and make-up in the bridal suite at Serendipity Wedding and Events Venue.

After her wedding look was complete, she set out for some bridal portraits before her groom arrived.

Maddox, the couple’s son, arrived and was wondering why his mom was so dressed up! As Jordan and his guys finished off their look, Katelyn dressed Maddox in his adorable ring bearer outfit.

After everyone was dressed, Maddox was taken up to see Jordan for the first time in three days.

After they reunited, Jordan made the walk down near the bridal suite to have a private moment between him and his bride.

The two stood around a corner and exchanged their hand written vows, still keeping their wedding looks a secret until the wedding.

After the private moment, the two had their last few minutes alone before walking down the aisle.

Jordan was among the first to walk down the aisle with his best man and the pastor.

The grandparents, parents and the rest of the bridal party made their way down the aisle before everyone stood to welcome the bride.

Her stepfather, John, escorted her down the aisle where her handsome groom awaited.

After the ceremony, the couple held a sand ceremony where they each poured a different color of sand into an hourglass, and then poured a third color together.

After it was complete, the pastor proclaimed the couple husband and wife!

A beautiful reception followed where guests and the couple made their way to the dance floor to celebrate the new marriage.

After a sparkler send off, the couple was taken by limo to retrieve their “Just Married” decorated car.

Unlike most newly married couples, Jordan and Katelyn then drove to Flowers Hospital in Dothan, Alabama, where they spent their first night together!



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